A message from the founder

Luxury & Simplicity

I wanted to create a world and wardrobe that incorporated the 'simplicity of luxury', two of my favourite words.

A simple tee-shirt! There begins the story of SIRÓ Cashmere.

I designed my luxury tee-shirt collection for us all - I cut the V-necks a little lower, I made the tee-shirt a bit longer, an 'off-the-shoulder' for those with a little 'ooh-la-la' and made 3 different arm lengths to compliment all arm shapes...yep, you're welcome ;)

Then I wanted the most luxurious yarn, the best in the world, with colours that highlighted the beauty of where I live - the French Riviera! I chose cashmere! and the very best of the best...LORO PIANA cashmere!!

85% silk and 15% cashmere for my first capsule collection.

In a slightly self indulgent way I created SIRÓ Cashmere with my female intuition and knowing what we women want. Now I can't wait to share SIRÓ Cashmere with all you gorgeous, dynamic, intelligent women out there who, like me, appreciate the 'simplicity of luxury'... or is it the 'luxury of simplicity'.